What To Know When Choosing An Oil Filter

You know you need to choose a quality motor oil. Its companion, the oil filter, is important for protecting the engine by removing particles from the oil that could damage the engine.

Even tiny particles can do serious damage to bearings, cylinders, and other engine parts.

In fact, small particles are the number one enemy to a gasoline engine.

In understanding oil filters, there are two important terms to know: efficiency and capacity. Efficiency is how well the filter traps contaminants and capacity measures the amount of contaminants the filter can hold. Capacity is important for determining the drain interval. Oil filters have efficiency and capacity, but they are the inverse of each other. For example, if you lower the efficiency, then you will gain capacity but not without giving up engine protection.

When purchasing oil filters there are often misconceptions surrounding how to choose the right one for you. One thing to remember: just because the oil filter feels light doesn’t mean it is not as good as a heavier filter. Going with a heavier filter isn’t going to be your best bet. Just like ever-changing technology, filter designs have evolved. Weight has no bearing on performance or effectiveness of filtration. Always remember that the most important qualities of a filter are efficiency and capacity, not weight. Prior to using or installing any of these products always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty information. 

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