Jackson “Jacko” Strong is best known for soaring through the air at freestyle motocross events, but his motor doesn’t stop running when he’s on four wheels (and on the ground). We caught up with the Australian athlete to learn more about his car, his driving habits, and the open road of the Outback.
Q: What was your first car and how long did you drive it?
A: A Toyota Hilux. I still have it to this day, but it has a 1JZ engine in it now.
Q: What do you drive when you’re not on the track?
A: A Holden Colorado.
Q: Manual or automatic?
A: Manual. I’m a real man.
Q: Which one is cleaner: Inside the car or outside?
A: My ute is pretty new so both are good.
Q: Favorite type of surface to go off-roading?
A: I love drifting my 1JZ Hilux down dirt roads.
Q: What’s your favorite road trip to take?
A: Later this year, my friends and I are doing an off-road motorcycle and 4x4 trip through the center of Australia. I have Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 wheels and tires on my Wagga Motors Holden Colorado, so we should be able to go anywhere.
Q: What’s a typical pit stop look like on road trips? Candy, chips, soda?
A: I’m all about healthy eating so junk food’s out for me.
Q: How many speeding tickets have you gotten in your lifetime?
A: I don’t have enough fingers to count them.
Q: What’s your driving soundtrack?
Q: Who’s your go-to copilot?
A: Normally the missus or my filmer.
Q: If you could bring one celebrity or historical figure along on a road trip, who would it be?
A: Richard Petty so he could drive.
Q: What’s the most interesting thing you keep in your car?
A: An adjustable crescent wrench for on-the-go repairs.
Q: If you could have any hood ornament, what would it be?
A: An inflatable person.
Q: Favorite air freshener scent?
A: The black ice one.
Q: Windows down or air conditioner?
A: Depends entirely on the weather.
Q: Strangest thing you’ve ever seen on a road trip?
A: I hit a kangaroo once. It went through the grill and ended up in the engine bay. It was tricky to remove.
Q: What’s the longest drive you’ve ever made in one sitting?
A: X-Games in Texas to my house in California. It took 22 hours.
Q: Do you prefer day or night driving?
A: Nighttime because I’m not thinking about how I could be riding my bike.
Q: What’s your dream car?
A: Holden GTS R8.

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