When Kasey Kahne isn’t on the track you may find him cruising around, windows down, with his son Tanner in the backseat. We caught up with Kasey to find out more about his driving habits. Spoiler: There’s no car seat in the back of his No. 5 Chevrolet SS. 

Q: What do you drive when you’re not on the track?  
A: My Chevy Colorado or Chevy Silverado. 

Q: Manual or automatic? 
A: Automatic 
Q: So what’s in your glove box? 
A: Hand sanitizer, gum, and napkins. 
Q: On a scale of “french fries in the floorboard” to “perfectly spotless,” how clean do you keep your car?  
A: Somehow I keep my truck very clean, even with Tanner in it. 

Q: For long road trips, do you have any go-to podcasts? 
A: No podcast, but I always have a good station playing. 
Q: What’s your favorite road trip to take? 
A: Probably Montrose, Colorado to Telluride, Colorado.  

Q: Road maps or GPS? Or neither? 
A: GPS…I haven’t read a map since 2001.
Q: Do you prefer day driving or night driving? 
A: I like night riding. 
Q: If you could bring one celebrity along on a road trip to ride shotgun, who would it be?  
A: I would bring entire cast of the Hangover movie.
Q: What does your pit stop look like on road trips? Candy, jerky, soda? Or no food allowed in the car?  
A: Maybe some Mike and Ikes.

Q: Windows down or air conditioning?
A: I like the windows down and so does Tanner.  

Q: Air freshener or fuzzy dice?
A: I have an air freshener 
Q: What are you more likely to tow - motorcycle, boat, or RV? 
A: Boat 
Q: What was your first car and how long did you drive it? 
A: An old farm truck for about 2 years. 

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