Engines change with age. Find out how high-mileage oil benefits your aging engine.

As your engine surpasses 75k miles it is more prone to engine breakdown, which can cause problems if it isn’t properly maintained. Lubrication is one of the top things to keep in mind when caring for a high-mileage engine. Keeping things slick keeps the engine from harmful friction, breakdown, and deposits. Read on to learn more about caring for your ride. 

In life there are many milestones to conquer. Getting your driver’s license, going on a first date - you get the point. Well, your car is no different. One of the most significant times in your car’s life is when the odometer rolls past the 75k mile mark.

At Valvoline, when your car hits 75k miles it's considered a high mile vehicle and we have a home for high-mileage rides that still have a lot of miles left in them: The High Mile Club.

A high-mileage engine is more likely to develop leaks, deposits, friction and sludge which can shorten the lifespan of your engine, not to mention drain your emergency fund for repairs down the road. 

So what does your engine need to stop or prevent the four main causes of engine breakdown: leaks, deposits, friction and sludge? 

Most importantly, it needs regular oil changes using a specially formulated high-mileage motor oil. Once your car hits the 75k mark make sure you are changing the oil every 3,000-7,000 miles. Consult your owner’s manual to find out what exactly your car requires. 

When your engine begins to age it is also more prone to leaks. Choose a high-mileage motor oil like Valvoline™ High Mileage with MaxLife Technology™ with additives that protect seals from wearing and help prevent leaks from occurring.

One of the more common side effects of infrequent oil changes is sludge. Over time oil thickens and turns to sludge. It can build up in the engine and cause problems. Valvoline high-mileage motor oils help prevent it from forming and can help break down existing sludge that can cause damage to the engine.   

Deposits develop when the oil in your engine endures high heat against metal surfaces, basically "cooking" it. The deposits find somewhere to settle inside the engine and can block oil flow which can cause increased engine wear. High-mileage motor oils have special additives that help clean the engine and prevent new deposits by resolving buildup and capturing debris.

Over time all of the moving parts of an engine start to wear, due to friction. With age, engines need exceptional lubrication to keep friction from breaking down parts and causing damage. The extra conditioners and additives included in Valvoline high-mileage motor oils can help prevent unnecessary engine breakdown. 

To help prevent damage to your beloved engine, use high-mileage motor oil. Valvoline™ High Mileage with MaxLife Technology™ is specially designed to fight engine breakdown. Through its advanced synthetic blend formulation, it supplies boosted wear protection, special seal conditioners, added detergents and anti-oxidant additives that help to maximize the life of an engine.


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