It’s safe to know that Curtis Conway knows speed. As a wide receiver, Conway was one of college football’s biggest stars at the University of Southern California, which led to a first-round draft selection by the Chicago Bears and a 12-year NFL career. We caught up with Conway to talk road trip snacks, hood ornaments, driving soundtracks, and more.   
Q: How old were you when you first learned how to drive?
A: 15 years old.
Q: Who taught you how to drive, and what kind of car was it?
A: My uncle taught me in a Buick Regal.
Q: What cars do you currently keep in the garage?
A: Range Rover, Tesla, Cadillac Escalade.
Q: Are you more of a speed demon or a Sunday driver?
A: I’m in the middle.
Q: If you could pick a road trip co-pilot from the PAC-12, who would it be?
A: Mike Yam, studio host for the PAC-12 Network.
Q: What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken in PAC-12 country?
A: I’m not big on driving far, so probably a 4.5-hour drive to Las Vegas. Not PAC-12 country, but West Coast.
Q: What does a typical pit stop look like on road trips?
A: Coffee, sunflower seeds, and water. They keep me up while driving.
Q: What’s your driving soundtrack?
A: Nothing but oldies. Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees.
Q: How many hours a week do you spend in the garage?
A: Zero. Just enough time to get in my truck and pull out, LOL.
Q: How clean do you normally keep your car?
A: I try to keep the Escalade clean, but it’s technically the kids’ truck. Everything they need is in it. It’s not dirty, but you will find kid things under the seats and on the floor sometimes.
Q: Would you rather fix up an old classic car or drive a new car straight off the lot?
A: New car off the lot. When I was young, I always tried to buy a cheap car and it felt like every day I was fixing something on it. We called those cars buckets, another word for a lemon.
Q: If you could design your own hood ornament, what would it look like?
A: A football player. I may just take one of my old little league trophies’ ornaments and put it on my truck.
Q: If you could change one “rule of the road,” what would it be?
A: I don’t know if this is considered on the road, but I can’t stand parking meters. Having to pay to park on a public street is crazy to me.
Q: What’s your favorite movie or TV car?
A: Kitt from Knight Rider.
Q: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on a road trip?
A: One time I saw someone riding a motorcycle between cars run into a car that was changing lanes. This guy flew through the air, hit the ground, got back up, and jogged back to his motorcycle.
Q: What’s one road trip that you still dream about taking?
A: Renting an RV and driving from Los Angeles to Atlanta.
Q: What’s your dream car?
A: Fortunately, I don’t have one. I’ve already had it: a Ferrari. I say this with humility.

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