Check out our monthly roundup of automotive news and car culture. From car designers to future NASCAR legends, here are the top stories we followed this month.

1. Future Stars Unveiled in NASCAR Next 2016-17 Class —

Check out the 11 drivers who are primed for successful and impactful futures with NASCAR. A couple of these up-and-comers have legendary fathers and one was even on a hit reality TV show. 

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Ever wonder who’s behind the stunning interiors of luxury cars? Meet Jochen Paesen, a car designer for BMW, and find out where he gets his inspiration.

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3. 10 Tips for Cleaning Your Car Like a Pro —

Forget everything you thought you knew about washing your car. Learn from an actual pro. Michael Trevor is one of America’s most sought-after premier auto detailers. Don’t miss his tips for keeping your car in pristine condition.

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4. How the First Rearview Mirror Won the First Indy 500 —

This year marks the 100th running of the Indy 500. Man, were things different back then. Find out what tool most drivers used to navigate instead of rearview mirrors among other surprising details from back in the day.

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