From iconic restorations to Dale Jr.’s return to racing, check out what we’re reading around the web this month.

1. LEGACY | Land Rover Is Restoring Some Of Their First-Generation Models — PSFK

Land Rover’s new program, Reborn, gives customers the opportunity to own one of their original explorers once again. The auto manufacturer is currently seeking out first-generation models to restore and resell.

Image: PSFK

2. DIY |  How To Fix Car Bumper Scratches — Popular Mechanic 

Learn how to fix those pesky scratches with this detailed how-to. It involves grinding, sanding,sculpting, and painting. The result: a budget-friendly touch-up. 

Image: Popular Mechanic

3. Racing |  A Racing Mind — ESPN 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns to NASCAR a changed man after taking time off due to multiple injuries. Check out ESPN The Magazine’s February cover story featuring the popular Team Hendrick driver.

Image: ESPN

4. Culture | Jaguar Thinks You Shouldn’t Have To Leave Your Car To Pay For Gas — The Verge 

Jaguar and Shell are teaming up to launch a brand new feature that allows drivers to pay for gasoline without ever leaving their car. 

Image: The Verge

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