The Tradition Continues: Maintaining your Vehicle in the Family for Years to Come

Mar 4, 2019

There are few things that make us happier than seeing a high mileage vehicle proudly cruising down the streets of any US city. There’s a sense of confidence, know-how, and pure character that just oozes out of its exhaust; its owner could very well drive with one hand on the wheel and the other closed-fisted in the air, victorious in a vehicle that could tell more stories about his family than the couch at Abuela’s.

A classic car is legendary. But to keep that legend going strong, you know it needs the right care, and above all, the right preventive maintenance and a steady routine that includes:

  1. Checking its fluids. 
  2. Running checks and balances on tires pressure, brakes, filters, hoses, and belts.
  3. Replacing windshield wiper blades every so often.
  4. Checking the oil filter, engine air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter to make sure they’re all in good shape.

1973 Volkswagen owner, Andrei, knows that his pride and joy deserves this special kind of attention and care. After all, acquiring this classic was quite the feat! He and his girlfriend had been on the search for an economic vehicle they could easily maintain and keep for years to come.

“My girlfriend and I needed a car that was cheap to maintain, and was simple to work on. I love classic and vintage cars so I knew I wasn't going to buy a Prius or a Civic. So I decided to go for the beetle. It seemed like the best choice for a reliable classic car.”

They had been searching for over 6 months when Andrei came across an ad for a 1973 VW Beetle priced at $5,500. The challenge? Andrei only had $3,000 to spend. Determined to adopt this rare find into the family, Andrei decided to call the owner anyway and make his max offer. A collector and DIYer himself, the owner related with Andrei and decided to make the sale and even supported Andrei’s desire to maintain the vehicle himself by gifting him all of his tools, ”I want to see that car running in 10 years,” the original owner instructed.

A man of his word, Andrei continues to maintain his classic Beetle by making regular oil changes and keeping a close ear on its trusty engine. He is now the happy owner of a vintage car that runs beautifully and has increased its value to nearly $10,000.

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