Alex Bowman’s and William Byron’s biggest fans may very well be their dads.

This year, we want to celebrate all the stellar dads and father figures out there to show them how much they are appreciated. We caught up with Alex Bowman and William Byron to chat with them about their fathers and how they have helped pave the way in their racing careers and life in general.

William Byron on father Bill Byron

Q: How has your dad inspired your racing career?
A: My dad and I have gone to races since I was 6 years old. He got me into it and from there I just wanted to drive, and he allowed me to do that.
Q: So he was a race fan?
A: Well, actually, he wasn’t a race fan. I just stumbled upon racing by watching it on TV and he asked me if there was one thing I wanted to do that year, whether it be a sports game or something. I chose a race, and from there we would go to races each year.
Q: What was that first race you went to?
A: We went to Martinsville Speedway when I was 6 years old. I think Tony Stewart won. My dad was trying to beat the traffic to get home and I was like “No, Dad, we gotta stay for the burnout. We’ve gotta see the celebration!” He knew then that I was pretty into it.
Q: How will you celebrate your dad this Father’s Day?
A: I’m sure we’ll do something fun like play golf together. We try to spend as much time as we can together, but we’re both pretty busy.
Q: What’s something your dad has taught you that you’ll never forget?
A: How to treat people and how to handle professional conversations. That’s one lesson I’ll never forget, especially working with people who are twice my age.
Q: Fill in the blank: If it weren’t for my dad, _______.
A: I probably wouldn’t be an Eagle Scout, because he pushed me to do that. I was racing and every weekend I had off he would drag me to a campout to get my hours done and do my projects. I think it helped me to get where I am now. Mr. Hendrick brought up my Eagle Scout honors when they signed me, so I feel that it helped me get to where I am now.
Alex Bowman on father Sean Bowman
Q: How has your dad inspired you in your racing career?
A: My dad was, and still is, a huge part of my racing career. He shaped my love and passion for cars as a kid and he got me started in racing, and did a lot for me to get to this point.
Q: What do you admire most about your father?
A: He’s really hard-working. He owns a small body shop in Arizona. He’s not just an owner; he gets his hands dirty.
Q: What’s something funny or interesting about your dad that people would be surprised to hear?
A: The funny thing about my dad is that I’m 6’ 1” and he’s 5’ 5”.
Q: What do you and your dad have in common?
A: I would say our love for cars, but he likes to leave things stock and original where I like to modify stuff.
Q: What’s the most useful thing you have learned from your dad?
A: Learning his work ethic and learning what it takes to get stuff done. I grew up managing school and building my own race cars and he was always busy, so we worked a lot of late nights and early mornings.
Q: Fill in the blank: If it weren’t for my dad, _______.
A: I wouldn’t have the mechanical background that I have, the automotive knowledge and the passion for cars that I have.

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