Valvolina: The Collector's Cup with Frank Fritz

The Collector's Cup with Frank Fritz

Valvoline turns 150 this year. To celebrate, we're hunting down historic memorabilia and iconic pieces such as oil cans, gas station signs, and product advertisements that tell our story from 1866 until now. And who better to unearth those items than expert picker and motor oil icon Frank Fritz? Frank will be combing across the country and spotlighting the best finds on our online mini-series, Valvolina: Collector's Cup. But we need your help. Watch episodes below, or submit your best Valvoline pick.

By participating, you grant Valvoline permission to use your name, city, state, content, images, or photographs for advertising and promotional purposes in perpetuity without compensation or approval (where lawful). The deadline for a submissions is 7/27/2016.

Frank Fritz