With prices continuously on the rise, automobiles are becoming even more of a luxury. As a result, many drivers are holding onto their vehicles longer than they used to, driving them “’til the wheels fall off,” as some might say.

Thanks to the technology and advancement of modern engines, your car could hit milestones upwards of 200,000 miles. If you want to hang onto your vehicle longer, and keep it healthy, you’ll need to ensure you’re giving it proper maintenance. This starts with choosing the right type of motor oil to combat issues in older engines.

Our expert technicians at the Valvoline engine lab are continuously examining high-mileage engines to not only identify when most engines begin to need extra care, but also what issues become the most common at that stage in an engine’s life. Our latest High Mileage motor oil is designed specifically for engines over 150,000 miles.

Valvoline High Mileage 150k+ is a synthetic blend motor oil formulated to address issues with oil consumption, leaks, wear, high engine temperatures and reduced horsepower. Read on to get a better idea of what your vehicle could be facing at this milestone.

Oil Consumption Issues

When engines are brand new, they’re at the peak of their strength and power, which means they consume less—up to about an extra quart in between oil changes if you’re under 50,000 miles. But as engines grow older, they can consume oil faster.

This means more than just spending a few extra dollars on regularly topping off your motor oil. Increased oil consumption could be a sign of internal engine problems, particularly involving seals, valve guides, and piston rings. This could also lead to blow-by, which happens when combustion gases as well as oil and fuel droplets are pushed into the crankcase and can cause carbon buildup, sludge, and knock (or pre-ignition, a noteworthy ruiner of engines).


Another potential cause of oil consumption is leaks. If you’ve spotted those pesky oil spots in your driveway, it's likely a sign of a leaky engine.

There’s a greater risk involved if you allow a leak to go untreated. Naturally, if a leak is ignored for long enough, it can grow in size and quantity of oil lost. If a leak grows large enough in your engine, it can cause it to seize, putting you and your passengers in a hazardous situation (not to mention other drivers on the road).


Wear is more than just general damage to your engine. And though it may be unavoidable in small doses as your engine gets older, you can minimize the damage to keep your car healthy and running smoothly.

Accumulated wear, along with deposits and sludge, simply will not allow the engine to operate as it was designed to. As the deposits and sludge increase, so will wear because of the close proximity of moving parts in your engine. That’s why the improved deposit protection in Valvoline High Mileage 150k+ motor oil is so important—both to prevent damage to your engine but also to maintain peak horsepower for your vehicle.

Engine Temperatures

When an engine overheats, it can cause permanent damage. That’s just one of the many expensive issues you could face. A cracked head gasket may cause antifreeze to leak and damage the engine, and warped cylinders can cause loss of power and high oil consumption. A cracked head gasket may not break the bank for you, but replacing a warped cylinder could mean replacing the engine.

Loss of Power

The engine is the heart of the vehicle, its main source of power. So it's safe to say that power is everything.

There are several factors that could contribute to decreased power in your engine, including the deposits and sludge that come along with wear. The combustion process happening inside your engine (converting pressure generated by burning gasoline into mechanical energy) propels the vehicle forward. So if you experience a loss of power, you can’t accelerate as quickly or tow as much weight thanks to a sluggish engine.

All of these challenges can be overcome if you’re using a motor oil formulated specifically for aging engines. The novel additive system in Valvoline High Mileage engine oil is just the thing for your vehicle.

Visit HighMileageOil.com to find the right grade of Valvoline High Mileage 150k+ motor oil for your engine.

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