Valvoline's first motor oil specially formulated for engines over 150,000 miles.


Since Valvoline invented the high mileage category over 20 years ago, we have continued to improve our high mileage technology to maximize the performance of older engines. Valvoline's High Mileage 150k+ is our first motor oil specially formulated for engines over 150,000 miles. Powerful detergents minimize deposits and blow by, reducing oil consumption, while Valvoline’s MaxLife Plus Technology™ with Moly Additive protects vulnerable metal surfaces from wear to increase performance and maximize power. Valvoline High Mileage will help keep your favorite ride on the road for years to come.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about the product. 

Who needs enhanced protection for their aging engine?

People with vehicles 150,000 miles and more experiencing:

  • Oil consumption due to blow-by

  • Corrosion / oxidation

  • Deposit build-up

  • Engine running hotter

  • Significant wear

  • Leaks

  • Reduced power

  • Failure of other older parts


Will High Mileage 150k+ fix leaks that are already occurring?

A modern engine contains several different seals and seal materials designed to ensure oil stays in your engine while keeping contaminants out. As these seals age they can become hard and brittle, leading to unwanted leakage and oil loss. Our High Mileage 150k+ formulation can reverse the effects of aging and stop smaller leaks before they become catastrophic through a special seal conditioner additive designed to soften seals and extend their life.

What is Moly Additive Protection and what does it do for my engine?

Our Moly Additive technology is a combination of molybdenum based antiwear additives designed to rapidly form a durable protective film on critical engine surfaces to minimize wear, maintain critical engine spacing tolerances, and maximize engine life. These molybdenum additives also demonstrate outstanding friction reduction properties to maximize engine efficiency and reduce the amount of heat generated on engine surfaces. 

Can High Mileage 150k+ help eliminate blow-by and oil consumption issues?

The combustion gases generated to power your engine are meant to be removed via the exhaust valve. Piston rings provide a barrier to prevent these gases from entering the crankcase and contaminating your engine oil. However, as an engine ages, both deposits and wear can degrade the performance of your piston rings allowing an increase in gas blow-by and oil consumption. Our High Mileage 150k+ engine oil has been proven to minimize the formation of piston deposits compared to a standard conventional oil, allowing your piston rings to move freely and seal effectively as designed.

If I switch to High Mileage 150k+ do I have to keep using it for the life of the engine?

Our High Mileage 150k+ engine oil is compatible with other approved API and ILSAC oils so there is no problem switching.

What’s the difference between Valvoline’s current High Mileage roster and High Mileage 150k+?

Engines with over 150,000 miles require additional protection and our new High Mileage 150k+ formulation is boosted with a unique combination of additives to provide the necessary defense against engine breakdown. Our High Mileage 150k+ formulation contains additional detergent for cleanliness, Moly and ZDDP antiwear agents to provide unsurpassed protection of engine surfaces and extra antioxidants to prevent thermal degradation. 

Does High Mileage 150k+ start working immediately?

High Mileage 150k+ utilizes a novel additive system specifically focused on protecting your engine against wear, deposits, sludge, and leaks. Our innovative formulation will start working immediately, protecting your engine now and for miles to come. After the first oil change, our MaxLife Plus Technology will immediately start protecting critical engine surfaces with our unique Moly Additive system. The boosted detergent system will also immediately start combating deposits and sludge, two of the leading causes of premature engine failure. Longer term, our seal conditioners will rejuvenate engine seals and help prevent oil leaks in the future.

Where can I buy High Mileage 150k+?

Visit to learn more about Valvoline High Mileage 150k+ motor oil and find the right grade for your vehicle.

Still not sure if Valvoline High Mileage 150k+ is right for your vehicle? Check out “Unique Challenges of Engines at 150k+”.


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