Extended Protection Full Synthetic is our best performing motor oil. Ever.


Valvoline’s Extended Protection is a premium synthetic oil formula designed to maximize engine life. This synthetic motor oil is Valvoline’s most advanced formula yet and feature’s Valvoline’s unique Dual Defense Additive Technology to fight deposits and wear. Valvoline Extended Protection is 10x stronger against oil breakdown* and provides 50% better wear protection** versus industry standards.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions regarding Valvoline Extended Protection to learn more about the product. 

What is Dual Defense Additive Technology?

Extended Protection is formulated with a proprietary dual detergent system designed to maximize engine cleanliness while protecting it from abnormal combustion events common in direct-injected turbocharged engines (i.e. low speed pre-ignition). We’ve fine-tuned the detergent system to maximize engine performance, minimize sludge/deposits and keep your engine running like new.

What makes Extended Protection Valvoline’s best product yet?

Extended Protection is formulated with a unique and proprietary additive technology designed specifically to maximize performance and engine life. Not only does it exceed the latest industry engine oil specifications (API SP, ILSAC GF-6 and GM dexos1), it’s enhanced with a targeted booster to provide additional detergency, thermal stability, and turbocharger protection.

What’s the difference between Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic and Extended Protection?

Advanced Full Synthetic is designed for hardworking cars, trucks and SUVs in the toughest conditions like stop & go driving, extreme temperatures, hauling and towing. Extended Protection builds on our advanced technology with the addition of an innovative booster for ultimate protection against wear and thermal breakdown, plus a fortified detergent system to maximize cleanliness to keep your engine like new. 

What’s the difference between Full Synthetic High Mileage and Extended Protection?

We invented high mileage engine oil over 20 years ago and our Full Synthetic High Mileage continues our tradition of leading this category. It’s focused on addressing the needs of engines with over 75,000 miles and is formulated specifically for older engines (e.g. oil leaks). Both oils utilize full synthetic base oils but Extended Protection uses a new and different additive technology to maximize engine performance and protection regardless of mileage.

Can I switch from my current synthetic to Extended Protection right now?

Yes, you can immediately start using Extended Protection regardless of what oil you are currently using in your vehicle. Please consult your owners’ manual for the proper viscosity grade and engine oil specification requirements. 

Where can I buy Extended Protection?

Check out the product finder on our website to find the right grade of Extended Protection for your engine.

Still not sure if Valvoline Extended Protection is right for your vehicle? Check out “Three Reasons Why Your Engine Might Need an Oil Upgrade.”

*As tested in Industry Sequence IIIH Test

**As tested in the Industry Sequence X Chain Wear Test


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