DIY Dads: Happy Father’s Day

Jun 14, 2019

There’s no bond stronger than a man and his car…well, maybe just one. The bond between a father and his child cannot be beat, especially when there’s a mutual love for cars and DIYing. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked Team Valvoline to share some of their favorite memories with dad.

Barbara S.

“I’m 16 years old and for all of those 16 years I’ve been around cars because of my dad. We have been restoring cars together for longer than I can even remember, and I would never want to spend my time with anyone else. The vehicles we’ve restored range from Chevy Novas to Chevy C10’s. My favorite would have to be the 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible, his was the 1980 Camaro.”

Mike B.

“Summers spent with dad at the racetrack as a family started a tradition that we still carry on today 33 years later. It kept us close, out of trouble, and showed us with hard work, teamwork, and passion, anything is possible.”

Steven C.

“I have been turning a wrench since I could walk and that is thanks to my dad. We never had high-end equipment or top of the line tools, but he taught me how to do without. We were, and still are, backyard mechanics. Whether it is helping family or friends, we try to help out however we can.”

Matt L.

“When I was 15, a year before receiving my driver's license, my dad helped me put together a car I bought at an auction with the money I earned mowing lawns. It needed a lot of work but together we had it running the week of my drivers test.”

Morris O.

“Shopping for my first car, mostly El Camino's, with my dad, and one day, he surprised me by showing up at my summer job driving this El Camino. My boss knew I was so excited and let me leave for the day to go enjoy driving it and showing it off to my friends.”

Sharon A.

“My favorite memories are the Sunday afternoon rides with Dad and all the car shows we attended together. I lost my father a little over three years ago. He was a DIYer for sure. He restored his 1937 Ford coupe himself. The car was in such bad condition, parked behind an old barn and even had a fox living it at one time. His car has won many awards but the best award is all the wonderful memories of watching him work in his garage and the fun we had going to car shows and spending time together. He would say, ‘if this car could talk.’ What wonderful stories it could tell.”

Tyler H.

“My story begins when was just a little kid around ten or so. I always loved toy cars and one day I saw my grandpa’s old Nash. My dad told me he help him put that car in its resting place probably 40 years ago. I couldn’t believe it was sitting for so long but in such good shape. I loved that car and would play in it and around it. When winter came I would build snow forts next to it. One day he said I could have it and I took it to heart. I’m 21 now and I finally got it on the road after all these years. My grandpa is very proud.”

Hannah C.

“Me and my dad have always been close. He started having me work on trucks with him since I could walk and talk. The truck we are working on in this picture was my dad's old "show truck" a 1952 GMC. Since it was so old, there was always something to fix. I've been my dad's helper since ’04.”

Whether at the racetrack, in the garage, or just on a drive, we cherish the time spent with our dads. Thank you, dads, for always pushing us, encouraging us, and instilling the drive within us that we all needed.

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