IndyCar rookie Ed Jones turned heads during his scene-stealing debut at the Indianapolis 500 in May. He's definitely a star on the rise. Get to know more about the native of the U.A.E., including his dream car, favorite track and navigating the roads of Dubai. 
Q: How old were you when you first learned how to drive?
A: I started karting when I was 4.
Q: Who taught you how to drive?
A: My dad taught me how to drive.
Q: Did you pass your first driver’s test? What kind of car were you in?
A: Yes, I did, it was a Ford® Fiesta®. It was the teacher’s car.
Q: What was your first car and how long did you drive it?
A: I have never had my own car, I’ve always borrowed my sister’s. The car I have now is a loan from Honda®.
Q: What do you drive when you’re not on the track?
A: An Acura® RLX®.
Q: What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken?
A: Probably the first time I went to the E11EVEN nightclub in Miami.
Q: What does a typical pit stop look like on road trips? Candy, chips, soda?
A: Toilet break, and Starbucks®!
Q: What’s your go-to driving meal if you’re trying to make good time?
A: Buffalo Wild Wings®.
Q: What’s your driving soundtrack?
A: Arctic Monkeys albums.
Q: What’s your go-to car-related karaoke song?
A: I don’t do karaoke because I’m a rather talented singer.
Q: Do you have a favorite car from a movie or TV show?
A: The DeLorean®.
Q: What’s the most interesting thing you keep in your car?
A: My hang glider and my rabbit’s food.
Q: Are you a gearhead at home or do you lean on your mechanic?
A: I’m good on the spanners, in fact a lot of people call me a spanner.
Q: What’s your favorite IndyCar track?
A: My favorite IndyCar track is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Q: If you could change one “rule of the road,” what would it be?
A: No speed limit.
Q: If your life philosophy was a bumper sticker, what would it say?
A: Shake and bake.
Q: If you weren’t a race car driver, what other racing-related field would you be in?
A: A camel jockey.
Q: What car did you dream of owning as a kid?
A: As a kid my dream car was the Lamborghini® Murciélago®.
Q: What is your current dream car?
A: I really want a Honda® NSX®.
 ®Trademark owned by third party

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